Dallas Arboretum Field Trip

On Saturday, March 12, a group of club members decended on the Dallas Arboretum (along with hundreds of princesses and knights who were there for a Fairytale Castle Party).  Since we were in the middle of Dallas Blooms, the crowds were large, but there was still plenty of room to take photos.  The most difficult thing for photography was the wind which was blowing hard all morning.  I believe that there were many blurry flower photos taken  during the day.

In addition to TAPC club members taking photos, there were numerous professional wedding photographers and many others that looked as if they were taking senior photos.

The arboretum provides a unique opportunity to take photos of many flowers in a landscape type format down to one flower  or parts of a flower in macro format.  Tulips were everywhere and in every color combination possible.  Many other flowers complemented the tupips in the same beds.  If you have not been to the arboretum to take photos in the spring, you owe it to yourself to do so.  I am sure the weekdays are less crowded, so if you do not like crowds, that is the time to go.

Mark Lenz


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