July’s competition is Pan It. Well that frightens me a little so I thought I’d do some checking on the technique. You may have a clear understanding of what it looks like and how to do it, but in case you don’t I’ll share a little info I found. Panning- moving with a specific object to keep it mostly in focus and everything else around it blurred. Some possible subject: a dog or person running, a skateboarder, trees(you would move not them – unless you are in a vehicle and not driving), one specific vehicle on a highway or racetrack, a motorcycle or bicycle rider. Look for an object with a somewhat straight trajectory -easier motion for you to follow.
You will will a slower shutter speed, maybe begin w 1/30, then move it depending on the light and speed of your object.
Begin as the object approaches you, if needed put your camera on a tripod ready to swivel.
Try to be parallel to the path.
Once you press the shutter as gently as possible, continue to pan with the object for a few seconds.

I hope everyone is looking for geometric shapes in nature and planning an awesome shot between sunset and sunrise. It is a great time of the year to be outside, except for allergies.

Look online for some tips from professionals and start practicing, I know I will.


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