Photo scavenger hunt field trip – Grapevine, TX

Hi all,

The scavenger hunt on April 9 was fun and interesting.  13 members and 2 guests were able to participate and meet at 7 am in Grapevine.  The ten categories seemed easy at first but some of the items proved to be a bit challenging.  The challenge was also to see that item and create a different image than others in the group.  The list: red or blue flower, water, blacksmith, grapes, scarecrow, church, church door, church door knob, statue, train.

The members grouped up(some based on type of camera) and headed out to shoot until 11 am then met at Whilhote’s restaurant(thanks for joining us Paul).  Everyone gave Scott their 10 images to upload to the computer.  We finished lunch then headed to the Grapevine Activities Center.  The Center set up a screen, table and chairs for us to view our images.  Wow, we saw some cool things.

Getting to know each other differently and better was a great plus to the photo fun.  We have some very interesting folks in our club.

Thanks to all of you.



To Flickr, or not to Flickr, that is the question…

So I am guilty of stealing from Mr Shakespeare with that title.  This blog entry references an interesting article on that is one of the most comprehensive articles on Flickr and why you might want to use it that I have found.  The article, which can be found at the following link (, is written by Harold Davis and features discussion and comment from Jeff Clow, a local DFW photographer.

I happen to enjoy Flickr as a way to put my photos out for others to look at and  comment on.  I also get great ideas looking at the photos other people put out there in the same categories that I tend to shoot.  Harold says there is great opportunity for those interested in marketing some of their work with Flickr and explains how and why. 

I think it would be great if most if not all club members had a Flickr account so we could all see each other’s work and comment on it.  I am curious to hear your opinion after you read the article.

In the meantime, keep on shooting.