Fun adventure at the Fort Worth Nature Center

I know the animals at the nature center is of great interest to many, not so to me. I think that is very related to my short attention span and not wanting to be still for long. I enjoyed seeing the colors of the prairie grasses and flowers with the sunlight on them. I appreciate being asked to go out early for photos to help the nature center. Here are a few I liked.


Catering to the Rubberneckers

We all know and understand that folks are fascinated by the misfortunes of others, particularly in regard to accidents. Why, it seems apparent that people are even willing to be late to work in order to see some spectacular crash scene, slowing down radically on the other side of the highway, where there is no inherent reason to slow, in order to catch a glimpse of the incident, and perhaps use their imaginations to do a “Sherlock Holmes” and solve the riddle of what happened with a mere glance at the tragedy in passing. If you are so inclined, you may want to take advantage of this natural inclination by photographing an accident scene, preferably in a tasteful way that concentrates more on the drama, and less on the gore.

There are three basic ways of capturing an accident: concentrate on the damage;   concentrate on the immediate human drama (carefully); or tell a story with pictures in only a few frames.


I had an opportunity to do all three things at a T-bone rollover accident involving a trapped driver being removed by the Fire Department using the “Jaws of Life” device to cut her free. It is important to remember that you have freedom to be in a public place such as this; however, keep in mind that if you infringe on the people working the incident with your presence, you can quickly become “Enemy No. 1”. I recommend using a longer lens and staying out of the way if possible, not to mention keeping faces of victims and license plates out of the pictures.

Fort Worth Nature Center Field Trip – Redux

On Saturday, October 22, a group of club members met before the crack of dawn  at the Fort Worth Nature Center in NW Fort Worth for sunrise photography.  Some of the members went to Greer Island at the east end of the center, some to the prairie in the center and some to the marsh boardwalk at the western end of the center.

The weather was perfect, but we did not have many clouds in the sky to get a real interesting sunrise.  However, there was opportunity for shots of Lake Worth, various wildlife in the park and the Trinity River and marshlands.  Although there were a few birds around, we did not have our “birdman”, Dave Morgan with us this time calling them in.

Everyone was able to get some different photos based on the area that they went to for sunrise.  Some of the photos are shown below.  I went to the boardwalk area for sunrise.  It presented the opportunity (we hoped) to get some shots of the larger water birds, although none of them came very close to where we were (needed a longer lens).  The river had fog rising due to the temperature difference between the air and water creating some interest.  Some of the marsh plants were backlit by the sunrise creating some interest as well.

In the end the photo opportunities may not have been as fabulous as we had hoped, but we enjoyed being with other club members out in the field doing what we all love to do…taking photos.