Fort Worth Nature Center Field Trip – Redux

On Saturday, October 22, a group of club members met before the crack of dawn  at the Fort Worth Nature Center in NW Fort Worth for sunrise photography.  Some of the members went to Greer Island at the east end of the center, some to the prairie in the center and some to the marsh boardwalk at the western end of the center.

The weather was perfect, but we did not have many clouds in the sky to get a real interesting sunrise.  However, there was opportunity for shots of Lake Worth, various wildlife in the park and the Trinity River and marshlands.  Although there were a few birds around, we did not have our “birdman”, Dave Morgan with us this time calling them in.

Everyone was able to get some different photos based on the area that they went to for sunrise.  Some of the photos are shown below.  I went to the boardwalk area for sunrise.  It presented the opportunity (we hoped) to get some shots of the larger water birds, although none of them came very close to where we were (needed a longer lens).  The river had fog rising due to the temperature difference between the air and water creating some interest.  Some of the marsh plants were backlit by the sunrise creating some interest as well.

In the end the photo opportunities may not have been as fabulous as we had hoped, but we enjoyed being with other club members out in the field doing what we all love to do…taking photos.



1 thought on “Fort Worth Nature Center Field Trip – Redux

  1. I had a great time at the sunrise outing. I went with two or three others to the Greer Island site, and got some fun photos. Still editing, but hope to have them done today. If you went to the Nature Center outing and can get your photos edited and chosen to give to the Nature Center for their use by tonight, that would be great. I’ll bring a flash drive to collect them for burning to a disc for Michael Perez at the Center – Larry


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