Christmas Lights in Fort Worth

One of the things we love about the Trinity Arts Photo Club is the camaraderie and the willingness of everyone to share their knowledge. Being fairly new to the digital SLR world, we need and welcome all the help we can get.  That being said, we want to thank Tracy Del Favero for organizing this field trip.

The group met at Cooper’s BBQ in the Stockyards for dinner early Sunday evening, December 11th.  That was an experience all by itself.  If you haven’t eaten at Cooper’s, you’ll have to give it a try sometime.  To begin with, your plate is a sheet of paper similar to butcher paper.  The rest I’ll let you experience for yourself.

After dinner, more than a dozen of us headed to Exchange Street, set up our tripods, and took shots up and down the street; from Main Street to the Stockyards Station.  We captured the normal lights of the Stockyards, Christmas light displays, a Christmas tree with lighted longhorns beside it, a lighted horseshoe and wreath, and more.  The weather was cool and the colorful lights put us in the Christmas spirit.

Next, we drove to the Chesapeake Energy building in downtown where every tree on the lot is full of lights.  It’s worth the trip to the Chesapeake Building just to see the light displays.  Some members took photos of the lighted trees while others captured the downtown skyline in back of the trees.

It started to sprinkle a little and seemed to get a little cooler out so some members left for home while a few others ventured into town and Sundance Square for more photos.  We really enjoyed ourselves on this outing and even gained a few photo tips along the way.

We always find it interesting to see everyone’s photos and the different perspectives from which they were taken.  Below are a few photos from this outing.




9 thoughts on “Christmas Lights in Fort Worth

  1. Great blog, thanks so much. I agree it was a fun time and I always learn something on our outings. Admitedly it may not always be about photography :).


  2. This is great Lynne and it was a great time for being with friends, learning new things and getting into the Christmas Spirit. The photos look just as they are supposed to in the blog.


  3. Very nice pictures. I’m sure everyone had fun. I wasn’t able to make it but looking forward to future outings with TAPC! Thanks for making it a FUN club! 🙂


  4. Nice article Lynne – a talented writer AND photographer! Your evening captures the spirit of our TAPC club, on yet another fun outing. We shall have to make a plan to get down to Chesapeake ourselves, to view and photograph those trees – lovely stuff!


  5. Very nice article Lynne! It was a fun experience, and we did get lucky with the weather, despite a few sprinkles. I can’t believe Christmas has come and gone so quickly but I am looking forward to the next outing. I agree with Barb, there is always something to be learned from each other (and from the occasional stranger) on these outings and the comraderie speaks for itself. Bring on the next adventure!


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