Winter – looking ‘back’ and with a different ‘eye’

Hi all,
Scott, Matt and I went to the Fort Worth Nature Center Saturday then I went on to the Dallas Arboretum. I suggest this is a great time to look at your surroundings and some favorite places with a new ‘eye’. Stop looking for color and start looking for new things now that leaves are gone. Look for that interesting branch or vine configuration, look for those shapes in fallen leaves or twigs, look for patterns on fallen leaves while they are deterioration. Have you taken some time on a walk to stop and just look back===where you have been may be holding an great lighting opportunity or a creative abstract. This could be a time for you to sstttreeettccchh your imagination, creativity and photography skills. Winter lighting, color and textures are so different – time to embrace differences. Have you every just sat and slowly looked around you, looking for that unique item others have missed and YOU get to photograph. I like taking photos of dead things… plants you know. Have you noticed veins on leaves which are almost dust, knots and blight on trees and branches, the shape or curve of a vine twisting up a tree? Have you looked at a decaying tree trunk – you may even find some bugs? Know is a good time to be able to see birds more easily with out leaves. Ok, that’s my push for the day.

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