Texas Bluebonnet Season

I took a trip down to the Ennis area this weekend for what I had read was to be an outstanding early bluebonnet season.  This was my second year to make the sixty five mile drive to capture photos of the Texas state flower.  I scouted the area on Saturday evening to determine where I wanted to be on Sunday morning.  The bluebonnets were much better this year than what I saw last year.  I drove several of the roads on the Bluebonnet Trail, but spent most of my time Saturday at Mach Rd. and on Hwy 813 and Sugar Ridge Rd..  These two places bookend the many miles of roadway promoted by the city of Ennis.

The field of bluebonnets at Mach Rd. was the largest field of bluebonnets I have ever seen.  It was a relatively rolling plot of land with a stock tank and a couple of trees.  Unfortunately some old appliances strewn about the area took away a little bit of the view.  Thanks to Adobe for content aware fill in PS5.  The fields over on Hwy 813 and Sugar Ridge had a little more character as there were more trees in the fields and a little more variety to the terrain to create layers for your photos.

After my scouting trip, I woke up early on Sunday and arrived at Mach Rd. twenty minutes before sunrise on Sunday just to find out that there was to be no sunrise due to heavy clouds that were moving south to north.  I was able to get a few shots with some nice light after 45 minutes of waiting before heading up to the other area.  Up on Hwy 813, I had much more success as the sun was out from behind the clouds a little more often but not too high yet.  It was slightly breezy so the fine leaf trees had some movement making the trees in my photos look somewhat like they were painted.

I would recommend that you pick up your camera and make the trip to Ennis if you can.  The trip was worth the early wake-up time on a Sunday morning.

2 thoughts on “Texas Bluebonnet Season

  1. Beautiful shots, Mark. We are headed out that way one day this week so, hopefully, we will get some good shots, too. Thanks for sharing.


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