Chandor Gardens in Weatherford, TX

About 10 club members joined Tracy Del Favero this morning for a photo outing at Chandor Gardens in Weatherford.  These gardens were designed and created by English portrait artists Douglas Chandor over 70 years ago.  The gardens cover approximately 4 acres and are designed as a series of garden rooms, each with its individual character, connected with meandering walkways.

There were a few people in the garden practicing Tai Chi when we arrived.  A short while later, a large group of people arrived practicing yoga in the Bowling Green Garden.  And, yes, it was long and skinny, like a bowling alley, with a fountain at the end.

Below are a few photos taken by a couple of members.

1 thought on “Chandor Gardens in Weatherford, TX

  1. Very nice trip it was. The gardens are such a gem and until yesterday, unknown to me. I think it would be an excellent place on a cloudy day when the harsh shadows are not as prominent.

    I really like your gate photos. I missed both of them when we were there.


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