Wonderful Works of D’ART

The next time you take a trip to Dallas and ride the DART Rail, look out the window as you approach each station.  There is art at every station – from the station canopies and columns to the pavers and landscaping.  Each station depicts artwork for that area.

Paul and I decided to take the day to explore (and photograph) some of the art work that is along the DART Green Line Stations.  We caught the TRE at the Hurst Station at 10:00am and switched to the DART Green Line at Victory Station.  Originally, we thought we could do the entire Green Line in one day but soon decided we needed to split it into 2 or more days.  We had 20 minutes at each station before the next train came along and that allowed plenty of time to get all the shots we wanted.  We stopped at 9 of the 13 stations between Victory Station and Buckner Station.  About 2:00pm, we stopped at the West End and had lunch.  We made it back to the Hurst Station about 4:00pm.  It was a long and hot day.

Below are some of our photos from our adventure.



5 thoughts on “Wonderful Works of D’ART

  1. Lynn and Paul, great photos. Scott and I did a similar adventure and it truly is fun. I see you have the cancer sculpture done very well — one I have been wanting to photograph. Thanks for sharing. I also like the clocks at the different stations.


  2. These are really nice shots Lynn. Many look like HDR shots and I was wondering if they were. This week would have been a little cooler for you. Thanks for sharing.


  3. WOW !!! Wonderful art and your shots are lovely. I love the HDR effect and I will have to do some of that soon. Looks like you & Paul had a lot of fun.


  4. Love the HDR photos! That looks like a great trip and we will have one as a future event when it gets cooler outside! 🙂 Too hot in summer! Thank you for sharing!!!


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