Oakwood Cemetery statuary aMused me

Well, it’s interesting isn’t it what different people decide to photograph?  Even more interesting may be WHY they decide on a particular subject.  Before I arrived at Oakwood I really didn’t know what I wanted to shoot.  No muse was whispering in my ear but I thought “What the heck, I’ll just wander around and find something.”  I knew it would be a good time to see photo-friends and the rain was holding off; the cloud cover actually providing some nice diffused light.

When I pulled up to the chapel off to the right under some trees I saw a statue of an angel that made me think of the cover of the novel Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil and it was then that my muse got my attention – “Get some shots of the statues and practice off-camera flash while you’re at it.”

That’s exactly what I did.  For my statue shots I used manual mode, metered the scene, dropped the exposure by 2 or 3 ev (whatever it took to darken the background appropriately), set up off-camera flash, placed the strobe at a location that I thought would give good coverage, took a shot, checked the results and dialled the flash output up or down as needed from within the camera menu.  (Wireless flash is a great thing.)

For the crypt shot I wanted the texture of the stonework to be an important element in the image so I set the flash at camera-right to graze the face of the structure.

The photos below show the results. Be sure to click on an image for a larger version and to be able to comment.

4 thoughts on “Oakwood Cemetery statuary aMused me

  1. Well, all I can say is “WOW!” These are really nice. Thanks for posting also about the lighting and post-processing you did. Great job.


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