Free Stuff! No, Really.

OK, let’s see who is reading the blog.

I have the following items available free to the first member(s) of TAPC who sends me an email at . It would probably be courteous if no one person took it all but I’m not going to be a referee. If one person wants it all it’s theirs.

I do ask that no one just take this stuff and then try to SELL it. This is free stuff. Let’s keep it that way.

– Davis and Sanford (Tiffen) with pan/tilt/rotate head and quick release plate.  Metal, 2-section legs. Center column.  Peg and cushion feet. This is a sturdy but kinda heavy tripod that is pretty long when collapsed. If you have a cheap, wobbly tripod this might be better but it’s not one you will backpack with.

– Manfrotto 676B DIGI, 1/4×20 thread mount (typical mount).  No head, just the usual mounting screw.  Look it up on line for more info.

– Slik with tilting head and quick release plate.

It is Friday night, June 29th.  These will go to Goodwill or other charity within a few days.


2 thoughts on “Free Stuff! No, Really.

  1. Bill, maybe instead of Goodwill, Jeff could use some of this stuff for his kids. That’s what I was thinking of doing, since as you know I have a new tripod. 🙂



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