Penn Farm at Cedar Hill State Park

The day started out with light drizzling rain and turned to just cold and cloudy.  With little else to do, we decided to take a trip to Cedar Hill State Park and check out the old Penn Farm.  “The Penn Farm Agriculture History Center preserves pieces of the past and presents the stories of men and women who laid the foundations for a growing community.”

There were lots of photo opportunities here….from old barns to old farm equipment to the Penn Farm homestead.

Below are a few of our shots from our visit.



6 thoughts on “Penn Farm at Cedar Hill State Park

    • Unfortunately, there were not very many bluebonnets blooming out there this past week. Don’t know if they just haven’t bloomed yet or if we are not having a good crop of them this year.


  1. I’ve been to the farm and enjoyed it very much, especially the 100 yr old wooden barn. You can wander around at leisure and there aren’t too many people getting in the background of the photos. Thanks for posting Lynn!


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