Penn Farm at Cedar Hill State Park

Whether you are interested in old building structures, cedar rail fences, or open spaces, Penn Farm is a nice place to visit. You don’t need to be a photographer to enjoy the farm….bring the family and explore the history of the area.

There were 14 club members who met at the historic Penn Farm at Cedar Hill State Park on Saturday, Feb 22nd. Penn Farm was owned and operated by the Penn family for over a century. The farm affords us a look back in history at old farm equipment and reconstructed & historic buildings from the mid 1800’s into the 1900’s.

There were a multitude of photo opportunities here including old barns, chicken coops, farm equipment and old tractors, windmills, cedar fences, the old homestead, and much more. Some photographers were fascinated with the weathered wood and textures found in the old barns while others were enamored with all the old farm equipment. There was even a buzzard or two who seemed to pose for photos at times.

Below are a few of the photos contributed by Michele Dan, Dick Graves, Paul Harris, Lynne Harris, Denise Remfert, and Bill Webb.

a_36_Bill1 a_35_Michele7 a_31_Dick3 a_30_DSC00840_HDR a_26_Dick6 a_25_DSCF2466_HDR a_24_Michele3 SONY DSC a_18_Michele4 a_16_DSC00842 a_15a_Michele1 a_14_Bill2 a_12_Denise2b_11_Bill3 b_17_Michele1 b_19_DSC00936


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