A Hardy Group at Dallas Blooms

lana one lana two larry one larry two lynn one group shot lynn two mark one mark two michele one michelle two SONY DSC SONY DSCI wasn’t sure when I sat down to write this article what the main theme was going to be.  But as I reviewed the trip in my mind and went over the photos contributed by the members, an idea came to mind.

The weather was gloomy on this day, and we considered cancelling.  It was chilly, with the possibility of rain.  And a week before we had experienced a hard freeze that surely would have ruined the tulips that we were going to photograph.

But a hardy group of us showed up and I think we were all glad we did.  Yes, it was grey.  And, yes, the flowers, weren’t as plentiful as previous years.  But as I think you can see by the smiles on the faces in the group photo, we were all glad to be there and enjoying each others company.  Because after all, what is better than a few hours of nothing to do but taking pictures and trying out our new toys?

And I think you can see by the photos that we were up to the challenge and came away with some pictures we can be proud of.

I hope on our next field trip that you can be there too.

Lana Macko, Field Trips Co-Chairman




5 thoughts on “A Hardy Group at Dallas Blooms

  1. Yes, this was a lot of fun even in spite of the cool weather and lack of blooming tulips. We still found lots to photograph and it’s always nice to hang out with friends with cameras. Thanks for posting.


  2. We had a great time scouring the park for things to photograph…I actually enjoyed the fact that the weather forced me to move out of my comfort zone and try stuff I hadn’t done, like extension tubes on my zoom with an off camera flash. When I put the mini-soft box on my flash, it really made the macro shots look great! I even took a picture of some cool colored rust on a big tent peg someone forgot to remove….


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