Butterflies in the Garden

There were three of us who met at the Fort Worth Botanic Gardens for the exhibition of Butterflies in the Garden.  It was a beautiful day for an outing and, luckily, the garden was not crowded this morning.  The butterflies of Asia filled the glass conservatory.

Once we arrived and purchased our tickets, we were greeted by a Garden volunteer who explained about the butterflies and the environment we would be walking into.  When we first stepped into the conservatory, it was very warm and humid but as we walked around, the humidity seemed to lessen.  There were even hair dryers placed around the grounds in case condensation or fog built up on our camera lenses.

Butterflies were everywhere, all shapes, sizes, and colors.  The Yellow-edged Giant Owl and the Blue Morpho were the largest of the butterflies and when their wings were not spanned, they looked like a large moth with big eyes on their wings.  As we walked along the winding path through the tropical foliage, more and more butterflies appeared to us.  In fact, often times, it seemed as though they were posing for us.

This was our first time to visit a butterfly garden and we were all quite impressed.  If you have not been yet, I encourage you to find the time to go before the exhibit leaves.  It will be at the Botanic Gardens through April 6th of this year.

Photos below contributed by Nancy Abby, Melody Schotte, and Lynne Harris.  Just click the thumbnail to enlarge the photo.

a_DSC03273 b_DSC03536 c_IMG_2424 Wht Butterfly 2 d_IMG_2585 Wht Butterfly e_NLA_0821-2 f_NLA_0897 g_DSC03305 h_IMG_2512 Butterflies Sig i_NLA_0865 j_DSC03491 k_IMG_2641 Hair Butterfly Fnl Sig m_IMG_2518 Lynn



5 thoughts on “Butterflies in the Garden

    • Michele, you definitely need to go. I used my 28-300 lens but I think about 100mm would be perfect, especially if it’s a macro lens. I think Nancy started with her 24-70 and switched to her longer lens after we got inside. And dress in cooler clothes as it is humid inside.


  1. Definitely worth the trip. We got there about 10:45. No line. Not crowded and not as hot as I expected. But we had been warned to dress in light weight clothes which was a must. Don’t painic when you walk in and lens totally fogs. I used dryer to warm whole lens one time and didn’t fog again. Fun outing.


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