Dallas Bridges – July 2014

It was a beautiful night with beautiful clouds.  Although this was not an “official” club field trip, there were 6 club members plus new friends that gathered to photograph the Continental Ave Bridge and the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge.

The Continental Ave Bridge was a vehicle bridge that closed in the summer of 2013 and reopened in June 2014 as a pedestrian bridge and park.  There is a new parking lot that leads to the west end of the bridge where the food trucks park.  Along the bridge, you’ll pass by climbing blocks for the kids, shooting water jets, curved chairs, chess tables, lots of greenery, and tables/chairs for dining or just hanging out.

The Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge was opened in March 2012.  The bridge has a 400 foot center arch which connects Woodall Rodgers Freeway seamlessly to Singleton Boulevard in West Dallas.  Once here, you just feel the need to get that iconic photo of the bridge and its arch with downtown Dallas lighted up in the background.

Below are a few photos contributed by Nancy Abby, Michele Dan, Lynne Harris, and Paul Harris.

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