80% Chance of Rain; 100% Chance of Color: The Story Behind the Photo

By Bill Webb

Photograph of pink and yellow tulips with raindrops by Bill Webb.

80% Chance of Rain; 100% Chance of Color by Bill Webb

It was an overcast, drizzly, blustery day as a friend and I escorted a group of seniors from our church to the Dallas Arboretum. All thoughts of cold and wind were soon forgotten though as we saw the flowers.

Because I was there to help with photo questions from the group, I didn’t take my usual DSLR, extra lenses, tripod, etc. but rather just pocketed a point-and-shoot camera. You know, it was a very liberating experience to not have to worry about finding a place to set up the tripod, attaching the shutter release cord, deciding upon which filter to use (or none), selecting the best combination of aperture, shutter speed and ISO, peering through the viewfinder for just the right angle and composition… This day it was just a little point-and-shoot camera making most of the decisions.

When I got home and viewed the photos on my computer, I was a bit bemused that they turned out so well. Once again I was reminded that photography is NOT about the equipment or the fussing about settings or the megapixels. It is about the light and the image and capturing a photo that allows you to share the feeling of the moment or the place. Photography is also about stepping back, relaxing, enjoying the moment, and sometimes not trying so hard.


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