Building a Winning Photograph: The Story Behind the Photo

There’s often more to creating a successful photograph than pressing a button. Here’s the story behind our holiday party print competition winner. (See 2nd place here.)

By Lana Macko

It was a beautiful fall day at my friend’s house at Possum Kingdom Lake. When I went into the guest room that I had been assigned for my girls’ weekend, I was immediately drawn to the open windows and the filmy curtains blowing in the breeze. Naturally, I started taking photos.

Photo by Lana Macko

Before photo by Lana Macko

When I got home I knew I wanted a large print but not something quite so “country” feeling. So using TAPC-member Jim Hamel’s amazing suggestions, I went to town with cloning. It was a cloning extravaganza to remove the bed and pictures and then replace part of the curtain, let me tell you. And then it looked too empty, so I added my Boston Terrier, Beanie. The finishing touch was a texture from Topaz Texture Effects.

Photo by Lana Macko

After photo by Lana Macko


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