Friday Night Fireworks at Grapevine Lake

From Memorial Day through Labor Day, the city of Grapevine is shooting fireworks at Grapevine Lake.  Several club members have taken advantage of this opportunity to practice capturing fireworks and work on night photography.  The fireworks start promptly at 9:30pm and last for approximately 12 minutes.

This is a lot of fun, in spite of the heat.  So call a fellow member and join the fun.  I’m sure someone from the club will be there just about any Friday evening during the firework displays.

Below are a few photos:


A Hardy Group at Dallas Blooms

lana one lana two larry one larry two lynn one group shot lynn two mark one mark two michele one michelle two SONY DSC SONY DSCI wasn’t sure when I sat down to write this article what the main theme was going to be.  But as I reviewed the trip in my mind and went over the photos contributed by the members, an idea came to mind.

The weather was gloomy on this day, and we considered cancelling.  It was chilly, with the possibility of rain.  And a week before we had experienced a hard freeze that surely would have ruined the tulips that we were going to photograph.

But a hardy group of us showed up and I think we were all glad we did.  Yes, it was grey.  And, yes, the flowers, weren’t as plentiful as previous years.  But as I think you can see by the smiles on the faces in the group photo, we were all glad to be there and enjoying each others company.  Because after all, what is better than a few hours of nothing to do but taking pictures and trying out our new toys?

And I think you can see by the photos that we were up to the challenge and came away with some pictures we can be proud of.

I hope on our next field trip that you can be there too.

Lana Macko, Field Trips Co-Chairman



Penn Farm at Cedar Hill State Park

Whether you are interested in old building structures, cedar rail fences, or open spaces, Penn Farm is a nice place to visit. You don’t need to be a photographer to enjoy the farm….bring the family and explore the history of the area.

There were 14 club members who met at the historic Penn Farm at Cedar Hill State Park on Saturday, Feb 22nd. Penn Farm was owned and operated by the Penn family for over a century. The farm affords us a look back in history at old farm equipment and reconstructed & historic buildings from the mid 1800’s into the 1900’s.

There were a multitude of photo opportunities here including old barns, chicken coops, farm equipment and old tractors, windmills, cedar fences, the old homestead, and much more. Some photographers were fascinated with the weathered wood and textures found in the old barns while others were enamored with all the old farm equipment. There was even a buzzard or two who seemed to pose for photos at times.

Below are a few of the photos contributed by Michele Dan, Dick Graves, Paul Harris, Lynne Harris, Denise Remfert, and Bill Webb.

a_36_Bill1 a_35_Michele7 a_31_Dick3 a_30_DSC00840_HDR a_26_Dick6 a_25_DSCF2466_HDR a_24_Michele3 SONY DSC a_18_Michele4 a_16_DSC00842 a_15a_Michele1 a_14_Bill2 a_12_Denise2b_11_Bill3 b_17_Michele1 b_19_DSC00936

Giving Back with Photography

During the past few years, I have tried to use my passion for photography to help promote causes I feel strongly about.  Whether for your church or other charitable and civic organizations, photography can tell a story that hopefully makes people sit back, take notice, and want to participate themselves.

On the last Saturday in January, I had the opportunity to tell a story with photos showing those fighting blood cancers, some literally in their own lives and some through donation of their time and money to help those fighting these cancers.

The event was the Big D Climb that benefits the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.  I am a member of the North Texas Chapter board of trustees for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, so this is a cause close to my heart.  Participants in this event climb 52 floors in the Fountain Place building in downtown Dallas raising money to fund patient services and research.  Some participate for the athletic aspect of the event, others trying to promote teamwork in their organization and some because of a dear friend or family member that is dealing with leukemia or lymphoma in their lives.  But all, regardless of their reason, help to raise money for a great cause.

It is hard to photograph an event that spans 52 floors of a large building, especially on the bottom floor where everything begins and on the 52nd floor where thankfully (for most people) it ends.  Had I thought about it ahead of time, I would have recruited one or two other members of the photo club to help provide better coverage.  Groups and individuals are milling around on the bottom floor waiting for their time to start, from first responders climbing the stairs in all of their heavy gear to those wearing the lightest of running outfits.

_DSC8597 LLS Big D Climb Jan 2014_

Lainey’s family and friends

_DSC8501 LLS Big D Climb Jan 2014_

First responders from the Greenville TX FD

One of the key objectives, in photographing an event like this is, capturing images that show the stories of those that are in the fight against blood cancer.  Included in that group was our honored hero for the event, Lainey Thomas, a beautiful 2-year-old girl who is currently in the middle of her treatments for leukemia, Dallas Police Department Senior Cpl. Curtis Steger, the father of Zach Steger, who is fighting lymphoma and “Julia’s Team”, the second grade classmates of Julia Brown, who is currently fighting her battle with leukemia.  Last, but not least was Loan Huynh, a fellow member of the board of trustees and two-time survivor of leukemia, who had over 150 of her colleagues from Ivie, Inc. participating to support her.  These are just  a few of the people living with blood cancer that are being supported, but they and others like them are the reason over 1,300 people push themselves to complete the difficult climb.

_DSC8489 LLS Big D Climb Jan 2014_

Lainey and her big sister Avery

_DSC8538 LLS Big D Climb Jan 2014_

Zach’s dad

_DSC8608 LLS Big D Climb Jan 2014_

Julia’s classmates and teacher

_DSC8850 LLS Big D Climb Jan 2014_


_DSC8657 LLS Big D Climb Jan 2014_

The Ivie Inc. Stair Force One

I took over 700 photos, in 6 hours, to capture some of the moments and individuals that made the day special.  The better ones are shared on the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society Big D Climb Facebook page at so participants can show their friends and family what the event is about and how they were able to support a great cause by taking on and beating the challenge of climbing 52 floors, all the while helping those fighting blood cancers to have a better chance of beating the disease.

So, my challenge for you is, look for opportunities wherever you are to use your photographic skills to promote an event or organization.  You will find it a very fulfilling challenge.

_DSC8478 LLS Big D Climb Jan 2014_

Firefighter from Mabank TX FD

_DSC8496 LLS Big D Climb Jan 2014_

Clowns from Mabank FD with Lainey and her mom.

_DSC8504 LLS Big D Climb Jan 2014_

The Zach Pack

_DSC8697 LLS Big D Climb Jan 2014_

Lainey’s dad as he passes her sign at the 52nd floor finish

_DSC8724 LLS Big D Climb Jan 2014_

Julia’s classmates sending photo from the top of the climb

_DSC8479 LLS Big D Climb Jan 2014_-Edit

Dallas PD Chiefs Brown and Reyes

(NOTE: I could not determine how to make photos show side by side on the page so the flow is not as smooth as I would have liked)



Fort Worth Stock Show Outing

On Saturday, January 18, the Trinity Arts Photo Club held its first field trip of 2014 at the Fort Worth Stock Show to take in the sights and capture a few images while doing so.  If you like anything that is Western, this is the place to be in January in Fort Worth.  The weather was fabulous too.

After collecting ourselves, we started in the livestock exhibition buildings, wandering among sheep, cows, steer, horses and pigeons.   Yes, pigeons.  We had opportunities to photograph the owners grooming and cleaning their animals as well as putting some of them (generally horses) through their paces.  I never knew that the animal fashionistas used industrial sized hair dryers to groom their beasts at an event like this, but they do.  Since the livestock are in buildings, some with windows and some without, we were presented with various lighting challenges, depending on which building we were in.

After taking images from every imaginable angle of occupants in the livestock buildings, we made our way out to the Midway, where children of all ages were riding rides, playing carnival games and eating food that rots your teeth.  But no…even on such a beautiful day, the crowd on the midway was sparse, making is tougher to photograph the various rides in motion…since they were often not in motion.  But we gave it the old college try, and made the best of it under the circumstances, getting some nice images in the process as you see below.  Tripods were an absolute necessity for sharp shots, especially after the sun went down.  They also allowed for long exposure images of the spinning rides creating blurs and bringing the lights to life in the process.

Overall, it was a great first event for all that attended and we hope to see many more club members at future events.


_DSC7922 FW Stock Show TAPC Jan 2014_ _DSC7929 FW Stock Show TAPC Jan 2014_

_DSC7962 FW Stock Show TAPC Jan 2014__HDR-Edit _DSC8387 FW Stock Show TAPC Jan 2014_-Edit (2) NLA_3483 NLA_3450 Working Cowboys corny dog 7174  small 7155 small SONY DSC SONY DSC DSC07502 DSC07488