Chandor Gardens in Weatherford, TX

About 10 club members joined Tracy Del Favero this morning for a photo outing at Chandor Gardens in Weatherford.  These gardens were designed and created by English portrait artists Douglas Chandor over 70 years ago.  The gardens cover approximately 4 acres and are designed as a series of garden rooms, each with its individual character, connected with meandering walkways.

There were a few people in the garden practicing Tai Chi when we arrived.  A short while later, a large group of people arrived practicing yoga in the Bowling Green Garden.  And, yes, it was long and skinny, like a bowling alley, with a fountain at the end.

Below are a few photos taken by a couple of members.

Christmas Lights in Fort Worth

One of the things we love about the Trinity Arts Photo Club is the camaraderie and the willingness of everyone to share their knowledge. Being fairly new to the digital SLR world, we need and welcome all the help we can get.  That being said, we want to thank Tracy Del Favero for organizing this field trip.

The group met at Cooper’s BBQ in the Stockyards for dinner early Sunday evening, December 11th.  That was an experience all by itself.  If you haven’t eaten at Cooper’s, you’ll have to give it a try sometime.  To begin with, your plate is a sheet of paper similar to butcher paper.  The rest I’ll let you experience for yourself.

After dinner, more than a dozen of us headed to Exchange Street, set up our tripods, and took shots up and down the street; from Main Street to the Stockyards Station.  We captured the normal lights of the Stockyards, Christmas light displays, a Christmas tree with lighted longhorns beside it, a lighted horseshoe and wreath, and more.  The weather was cool and the colorful lights put us in the Christmas spirit.

Next, we drove to the Chesapeake Energy building in downtown where every tree on the lot is full of lights.  It’s worth the trip to the Chesapeake Building just to see the light displays.  Some members took photos of the lighted trees while others captured the downtown skyline in back of the trees.

It started to sprinkle a little and seemed to get a little cooler out so some members left for home while a few others ventured into town and Sundance Square for more photos.  We really enjoyed ourselves on this outing and even gained a few photo tips along the way.

We always find it interesting to see everyone’s photos and the different perspectives from which they were taken.  Below are a few photos from this outing.



Fort Worth Nature Center Field Trip – Redux

On Saturday, October 22, a group of club members met before the crack of dawn  at the Fort Worth Nature Center in NW Fort Worth for sunrise photography.  Some of the members went to Greer Island at the east end of the center, some to the prairie in the center and some to the marsh boardwalk at the western end of the center.

The weather was perfect, but we did not have many clouds in the sky to get a real interesting sunrise.  However, there was opportunity for shots of Lake Worth, various wildlife in the park and the Trinity River and marshlands.  Although there were a few birds around, we did not have our “birdman”, Dave Morgan with us this time calling them in.

Everyone was able to get some different photos based on the area that they went to for sunrise.  Some of the photos are shown below.  I went to the boardwalk area for sunrise.  It presented the opportunity (we hoped) to get some shots of the larger water birds, although none of them came very close to where we were (needed a longer lens).  The river had fog rising due to the temperature difference between the air and water creating some interest.  Some of the marsh plants were backlit by the sunrise creating some interest as well.

In the end the photo opportunities may not have been as fabulous as we had hoped, but we enjoyed being with other club members out in the field doing what we all love to do…taking photos.


Fort Worth Nature Center

On Saturday, June 11, Dave Morgan led a group of TAPC club members on a field trip to the Fort Worth Nature Center early in the morning to visit some areas where Dave finds birds and other wildlife.  During the morning, Dave called in a painted bunting, a yellow warbler close for photos and we also saw butterfiles, dragonflies, prairie dogs, a snake and some deer.  We saw the painted bunting near the entrance to the center and we saw the yellow warbler near the boardwalk section of the center.  Dave used a technique with his cell phone and a separate speaker to call in the birds so those of us without the big lenses had a chance to still take photos of the birds.  For those of you that have not been to the Nature Center, it is a beautiful oasis just west of Fort Worth with nice hiking trails, a lake and the river that runs through the center.

We appreciate Dave taking time out of his schedule to show us around the center and to bring the birds in close.

Here is a link to the nature center website.

Here are a few photos I took during the morning excursion.

Photo scavenger hunt field trip – Grapevine, TX

Hi all,

The scavenger hunt on April 9 was fun and interesting.  13 members and 2 guests were able to participate and meet at 7 am in Grapevine.  The ten categories seemed easy at first but some of the items proved to be a bit challenging.  The challenge was also to see that item and create a different image than others in the group.  The list: red or blue flower, water, blacksmith, grapes, scarecrow, church, church door, church door knob, statue, train.

The members grouped up(some based on type of camera) and headed out to shoot until 11 am then met at Whilhote’s restaurant(thanks for joining us Paul).  Everyone gave Scott their 10 images to upload to the computer.  We finished lunch then headed to the Grapevine Activities Center.  The Center set up a screen, table and chairs for us to view our images.  Wow, we saw some cool things.

Getting to know each other differently and better was a great plus to the photo fun.  We have some very interesting folks in our club.

Thanks to all of you.


Fossil Rim Field Trip

Looking into my eyes

Wow what a great day and fun time. 11 of our members were able to attend and enjoy great photo opportunities.
The photo tour is the way to go, they take you where you want to go, they stop for as long as you want to stop, the give you information and free animal food if you want it.
We went to the 3 – 7 pm tour which allowed us to see a few animals most people don’t get to see because they are our later. There is an overnight tour you can do and stay on the property, again you may see some animals others don’t get to.

Chris feed lots of animals

Dallas Arboretum Field Trip

On Saturday, March 12, a group of club members decended on the Dallas Arboretum (along with hundreds of princesses and knights who were there for a Fairytale Castle Party).  Since we were in the middle of Dallas Blooms, the crowds were large, but there was still plenty of room to take photos.  The most difficult thing for photography was the wind which was blowing hard all morning.  I believe that there were many blurry flower photos taken  during the day.

In addition to TAPC club members taking photos, there were numerous professional wedding photographers and many others that looked as if they were taking senior photos.

The arboretum provides a unique opportunity to take photos of many flowers in a landscape type format down to one flower  or parts of a flower in macro format.  Tulips were everywhere and in every color combination possible.  Many other flowers complemented the tupips in the same beds.  If you have not been to the arboretum to take photos in the spring, you owe it to yourself to do so.  I am sure the weekdays are less crowded, so if you do not like crowds, that is the time to go.

Mark Lenz